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iTunes mini-player changes active playlist [Accepted]


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When play all songs by an artist in iTunes mini-player, Alfred changes the iTunes active playlist


Why this is a problem:

After a playlist plays, clicking play key (f8 on my keyboard) will play the active playlist. Which, of course, is the Alfred Playlist. Right?

But if that playlist changes, I need to start using the mouse and track down the confusion.


Alfred 2.0.8 (212)

Version 10.8.6

iTunes 11.1


Easy to reproduce:

open iTunes

choose Music, Playlists, Alfred Playlist

open mini-iTunes (command shift space for me)

choose an artist

choose the last song in an album (only necessary for use case 2)



What I see:

Problem #1

- music starts playing

- "Alfred Playist" is updated - yay

- active playist is the playlist below "Alfred Playlist" - boo


Also note, after the playlist completes, clicking play keyboard button (or mini-player play/pause will start playing a different playlist)
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