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Inspired by Don Southard's Screen Sharing Workflow for Alfred v1 I have made VNC workflow using Alfred 2 dynamic list feature.



First of all here is the download → link


To add machines simply write vnc setup and after space insert machine name, its IP address and optionally port, exactly like that:




for example:


Living Room-




To delete machines write vlc delete and choose from list which machine you would like to delete.





Please, feel free to comment, to give some hints, etc.

Edited by Maciej Skrzypczak

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Great script. I currently cannot use the automatic discovery linked above and though my own script is similar to yours, I lke your version a lot more.


One issue though, my computers are named in a conflicting manner (e.g. daniel-server) so I had to changed your script to use the '^' character rather than the dash character.

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This one works better for me than the automatic discovery one.


I use VNC a lot to do remote pair programming with other people in my company, so I need to be able to connect via ip addresses.

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Love this workflow. Works great with OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan and my Raspberry


Use ie. vnc setup Raspberry-pi:raspberry@raspberrypi._rfb._tcp.local


With this you quick on your Rasp and don't have to use to type or extra confirm password.

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Is this workflow still working ? I'd like to try it but the author hosted it on a dead service. Have someone a copy ?




Hi thailoving, I have updated workflow's download link in first post. Also I've checked with with Alfred 3 and seems to work fine. :)

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