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MD5, SHA1, base64, htpassdw, whirlpool and crc32 hash calculation workflow

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Hi everybody,


I've created and published an very simple workflow. It allow you to calculate a string hash in:

- MD5 - md5 <string>

- SHA1 - sha1 <string>

- htpasswd (Apache) - htpasswd <string>

- CRC32 - crc32 <string>

- Whirlpool - whirlpool <string>


You can also convert strings to/from base64:

- Decode: base64_decode <string>

- Encode: base64_encode <string>



You can install this workflow from "alfpt install Hash" or downloading the .alfredworkflow file from: https://github.com/BigLuck/alfred2-hash/raw/master/Hash.alfredworkflow


Here the github repository: https://github.com/BigLuck/alfred2-hash

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Since I have php set up to error report notices, I'm getting a lot of stacked notices in front of the hash, the easiest solution for this is by adding:




at the top of e4WorkflowApp.php.

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Really nice and useful extension.


It would be really nice if, for example, I select a file in the Finder and launch Alfred and type "md5" with no argument, result is the file's hash.

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Thanks jonathanwiesel, can you please send a pull request in the github repository?



Looks very good, thanks. 

In the meantime I did some modifications to your workflow for said functionality.

If it helps in any way or you consider it useful I hope you include it ;).



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