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Local search on url in default browser

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I'm looking for a script that opens a new browser tap or window, then goes to an url and lets me use the command+f function to search for a query set in Alfred.


Is this possible to make?


Best regards



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It should be, even if we use a bit of a hack to tell it to send the ⌘+f keystrokes. What is the browser you’ll be using, and is the url in question always the same?


If possible It should use the default browser, but this is not vital.


The URL will always be the same, so no problem on that point.

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It is possible, yes (link available for 30 days), but not without its flaws. The issue is that since we don't know when the page finishes loading, it may do it after ⌘+f was pressed, which will hide the find box (although you can press the shortcut again, and it should reappear with your query).

Change the url on first line of the Run Script to the one you want, and play with the delay amount on the second line, until you get something that works/is acceptable for you, your connection speed, and the website (until it seems to work fine with your specific case, basically).


It’s a bit of a hack, since it relies on waiting times and sending key presses, but it should work.

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