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Bible Verse and Keyword Lookup Workflow

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***This Workflow Requires the Internet***


V 0.1 - Search the ESV by Verse

V 0.2 - Search the ESV by keyword

V 0.3 - Search the NASB by Verse



Hey everyone,


I just created a workflow for quick and easy lookup of verses from the Alfred bar. 


1) Type in ESV, followed by the book, chapter, and verse:


The verse from the ESV bible will be automatically copied to your clipboard, and a notification will be in your notification center with the entire verse.




2) Type in ESVS along with your search phrase:


Alfred will look up the phrase in the ESV Bible and return all options that contain that set of words. Choose between a submenu of verses, and it will be copied to your clipboard.




3) Type in NASB along with the chapter and verse


"Same as ESV Verse Look Up"



At this moment, the ESV and NASB are supported. Feel free to request a different version of the bible that you use, and I'll be more than happy to add it  :)


Here's the download link: http://bit.ly/18TUkbX


There may be a few bugs that affect an extreme minority of verses due to formatting; I believe I've taken care of it, but please feel free to report bugs as well.

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Thank you! This is a great Workflow. I am a pastor and will use this all the time but I really need NKJV too.

Will you please include NKJV?


thanks again




This is very helpful - thank you!


2 questions:

  • is NKJV possible?
  • Is it possible to keep verse reference and verse on the same line or paragraph?



Hi MWebb and DRM,


The website I currently use to retrieve bible verses from has this to say about the NKJV:


"If you want a translation that is not currently available, please ask. Please note that versions that are currently in copyright (e.g. NIV, NKJV, etc.) cannot be added unless you are able to secure copyright permission. Permission has been granted for the NASB and Amplified Bibles."


​From this, I gather that I won't be able to retrieve NKJV verses unless I purchase something or switch API providers. I'm sorry about that :(



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At this moment, the ESV and NASB are supported. Feel free to request a different version of the bible that you use, and I'll be more than happy to add it  :)


Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to add the Spanish translation "Reina Valera (1960)" version to it. That'll be great!

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24 minutes ago, bayoyong said:

Not working for me.


Without a better description of your problem, it's very unlikely that anyone will be able to help fix it. Please provide a more detailed description of how it's not working. You're much more likely to get a helpful answer.


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