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TasteKid, recommendation engine

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Hey guys,


TasteKid workflow, work in progress

here is a workflow that allows you to use TasteKid, a cool recommandation engine that will let you discover new music, books, shows... I tried to replicate the website's experience but not everything is doable (yet - work in progress). As usual, please, feel free to make it more awesome, I might be lazy for some functionalities. But I'll take ideas and critics :)


Please use your own API key

It works with an API key that can be asked for on the website: http://www.tastekid.com/ask/page/api_request. You'll get them instantly.

Then the key limits you to 150 uses a day (so yeah I should cache more stuff). The location of the key in the code is in the two first lines, so just get in the workflow and it'll be easy.


New functionnalities

Press tab on a recommandation to add it to the list in the search

Press enter on a recommandation to get details (wikipedia page, youtube trailer, tastekid page)

Restrain recommandations to a specific media by selecting one when the query is still empty


Download: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/14050630/TasteKid.alfredworkflow







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