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Luxinate - Download video and audio from YouTube and SoundCloud

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I was having the same problem, but i've got a temporary fix...


So, you'll need a text editor like Sublime Me, Textwrangler or even textedit, and you'll need to go into the lux workflow folder.. 

I typed "find luxinate.py" into Alfred, and found the file. Open it up, then search for "def hasConnection(self):" and change "return False" to "return True" (line 827 of code)


It'll bypass its check, as i've tried changing the IP it pings to to something else with no result.


So it should help you out hopefully!! :D




This will remove the no connection bug completely, but it will also force the connection evaluation to evaluate to true no matter what.

This means that if the user has no internet connection but calls Luxinate for a url it will think that the user has a connection when they actually don't. This may cause unexpected results so use this fix at your own risk.


If this was a bug from the latest release of the workflow then google's servers are on the fritz. If you haven't yet, you should try downloading the latest release of the workflow from the first post or from here.

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Hi! Thank you for this workflow! I have a couple of questions: 

1. When i install this workflow, do i need to install youtube-dl and Python separately in addition to the workflow? 
2. And when i use the workflow, when i navigate to youtube page with the video i want to download to i have to manually copy and paste the URL or the workflow should pick it up automatically? 
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Thanks for making this very extensive workflow. I can imagine the amount of work that has gone into it.


I can't seem to get YouTube downloads to work. I've updated the workflow and YouTube-DL, and I can download SoundCloud files. For YouTube download attempts, I get the notification that the download is starting. Immediately after that I get another notification that says the download has finished (with no trace of the file on my hard drive). Any ideas what might be going on? 

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