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Tagg’d – search your Spotlight / OpenMeta / Mavericks tags

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A simple file filter companion to my tagging workflow. Will search OpenMeta tags, application specific tags (as long as they are stored as Spotlight keywords – kmdItemKeywords to the savvy) and Mavericks native tags.



As usual, repo is here, direct download there.



  • Version 1.0.1 2013-10-25 – Update for final Mavericks tagging scheme
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Very cool! I don't suppose there's a way to have it auto-suggest tags as I type?


I’d love that, but there is no way to achieve that with OpenMeta tags I am aware of, as there is no central database of the tags [Leap, a tag centric file browser which offers an “all tags” view collects these by actually scanning the whole file system hierarchy, which is far too slow to be useful in a filter, and all tagging apps with autosuggest I am aware of (Tagger and DefaultFolderX) simply cache the tags used in their own apps to suggest new ones]. The same is true of Spotlight keywords, with the added complication that these are set by apps privately and their only interface is … Spotlight. If Mavericks tags end up superseding OM tags and app specific Spotlight keywords, the whole issue will be worth revisiting, but until then, I am afraid the answer is no.

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