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Just got my NetAtmo (http://www.netatmo.com/ WiFi Indoor and Outdoor weather station) and grabbed the opportunity to create an alfred workflow.


Special thanks goes out to PhilippeLt who wrote the Python that laid the basis for this workflow (https://github.com/philippelt/netatmo-api-python).


Grab it here: http://bit.ly/1gudid7


Import the workflow, edit the properties.py and type 'atmo', and your readings will appear.


In case you run into troubles, let me know!


Enjoy and let me know if you like it and how i can improve it!




Update 13/03/2014: added extra header field 'scope' for OAUTH2 security of NetAtmo.

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[This comment is only useful for people like me that does not read Workflow "read me" :(  It's only after having written this comment that I red the read me that would have easily let me solved all my issues at the first place ... This say, still useful for getting black theme icons]


Thank you for your nice workflow.


I have an netatmo system at home and because I'm french, I have my settings in french.

This caused the workflow to fail with a python KeyError: 'Indoor' error.


So for French localised system properties.py file (from workflow folder) need to have some key changed as bellow:

_INDOOR_UNIT   = "Intérieur"
_OUTDOOR_UNIT  = "Extérieur"

I also had an issue with my python path

So the only way I could make it work was to copy the workflow python script into Workflow folder (atmo.py for instance) and call it from bash with my proper python3.3 path.

This atmo.py have then my correct full ( tild does not work) python path set (ex: #!/Users/oho/.virtualenv/python3.3/bin/python)


Also, I did not know at first what to put in:

_CLIENT_ID     = ""                         # From Netatmo app registration

even if it's written # From Netatmo app registration (AND in the read me) ... - I know sometime reading comments is useful ...

So for some that does not read comments, you can get your _CLIENT_ID and _CLIENT_SECRET by creating an app at Netatmo developer portal.



I have Alfred2 Dark theme, so the black icons are not visible on black background.

I have quickly re-colorised them as shown bellow:





Here is my french localised version settings + black theme adapted icons for download!




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