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Toggle Jambox on/off


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I just made a simple workflow to toggle my Jambox on/off. I am not a software developer, so this might not be the cleanest/nicest/most efficient solution, I just decided to give it a try since I couldn't find any workflow that did this.


It's quite simple, call Alfred and use the keyword "jambox" to toggle between the default speakers and the Jambox.




The keyword calls an Applescript that will toggle the sound output between the "internal speakers" and the Jambox. You'll have to edit the script and change the bluetooth_speaker and default_speaker to the name of your sound outputs. The variables have to be called exactly as you see them in the Sound Preferences, in this case: "Internal Speakers" and "BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone Stereo"



I've only tested it in Mountain Lion, I don't know if the Sound preferences are different in other OS X versions.


Download the workflow (45kb)



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