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Bookmarks as Workflows or Web Searches?


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Hello everyone,


I've been tinkering with Alfred a lot today. I came over the Web Searches. Searches without query are essentially bookmarks (nothing new here). What's new is that you could make these bookmarks now also into their own Workflow. 


I was wondering what would be better? Or even what the developer suggested way would be? 


Putting all bookmarks into a, say, Bookmarks workflow sounds appealing to me.




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Well, as you mentioned, there are several ways that this could be done.


You could...

1. Make them custom searches without a query.

2. Make them each their own keyword in a big "Bookmarks" workflow

3. Make a single workflow with a single script filter that reads a list and you update the list manually or by extra commands in the workflow


Creating them as custom searches is really easy. Creating them each as a workflow really isn't difficult either but as you get a lot, it may be easier to read/manage if they were custom searches. If you wanted a single keyword that you could search and them with, the 3 solution could do this easily. Just depends on what you want..

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I didn't think of your third solution. For me personally a workflow would work better. I was asking to see how other people would approach this. Putting "bookmarks" away from "searches" makes sense, psychologically, since they are not real searches. 


I guess it depends on what users want. I should tell them they have different options and depending on their wishes they can choose either route. Maybe the earth shatters and they suddenly what awesome things they else could do.



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