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Descriptive Name for Custom Call Actions in main Alfred window


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First post - have tried to ensure I'm not duplicating.


I have created a workflow for a custom contacts action - specifically to use Skype to call phone numbers leveraging a script I already had. All works just fine however when I open a contact in Alfred I see the following options when highlighting a phone number:




I'd very much like to be able to define the "Perform custom action" in some way so that it is clear what the action is which is how Alfred v1 worked as shown here:




Ideally I'd like to be able to define a name/description for the custom action within contacts custom action settings. This could then also be used to address a similar issue when using URL passing as a custom action.


eg if I use URL passing ( skype:{query}?call ) to achieve the same function, I see the following when highlighting a phone number:




I'd rather be able to define the "Pass to URL scheme" text so that the action being taken is unambiguous. An additional "Description" field in the Custom Actions section of Contacts could be used in both cases


Hope this makes sense



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In playing with Custom Contact Actions could I also suggest the addition of supporting multiple custom actions per contact field. 


Currently it appears only one custom action per field is possible - eg when I assign my Skype workflow to the phone field, the phone field is no longer an available option when defining a new custom action.


Scenarios where this would be very useful:


1. Option to select "skype" or "send to iphone" workflows when highlighting a phone number

2. Selection of which email client to use when highlighting an email address (I use 2 email clients to separate business & private email)



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