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Thanks.  Similar problem with Last.fm Look-up as well.  I think their API changed.  Please update these awesome workflows.


It looks like the updated 1.13 never got fully pushed through the intertubes. Can you try updating to the current version that's on Packal? Discogs updated their API again and removed all the complexity that version 1.11 addressed. This workflow is back to being very simple again.


Regarding Last.fm: They're still in the middle of a massive website/API update and their API is broken all over the place. I may try to rebuild this workflow to use only the currently working parts, but that might end up being more trouble than it's worth, if it all changes again. Sadly, right now all I can do is monitor the help forums until they get their trouble sorted out.  :wacko:



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It works great.  It didn't require me to put in signature key or secret.  In the old one "| dex" keyword initiated the setup.  It doesn't exist in the version.  so I just put my Discog API key and signature inside your script workflow.  It works so far. 


I'm currently using another Last FM workflow on Alfred that works fine so yours should be workable as well. 



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You can revert to the included apikey if you like; Discogs has gone back to the simpler API process that it originally used and you only need the apikey that I include to make it work. There was a lot of back-and-forth when they were upgrading their API system and apparently they went back to something much easier to implement so I basically just reverted to my original version of the workflow. You are correct that the whole OAuth initialization setup process is no longer part of this workflow, thank goodness.


I also fixed my Last.fm workflow to use a few different API calls that get around the broken ones (artist.search still doesn't work). Out of curiosity, which Last.fm workflow are you using? The only other one I found is here and it doesn't seem to work anymore.

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