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TicToc Toolbelt [Updated]

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This is a Workflow solely aimed at TicToc

You can download from here or install/update via AlfPT.

Usage is rather simple

  • ttlist - Lists all tasks in TicToc. It supports a quasi fuzzy search so start typing to filter the list. Actioning a result will toggle the task on/off
  • ttrun - Lists running tasks. Actioning a result will toggle it off;
  • ttinfo - Will show you a list of tasks, actioning a result item will show more detailed info for that particular task. Start date for each session, session duration and if a note is available, actioning will open it in Growl
  • ttnew - Create a new task and start tracking it.

Tip: Remember that you can set a modifier to action all visible results, effectively toggling all visible tasks.

Here's a quick video of the workflow in action: http://cl.ly/0w2F0x1L2O44



  • 23-01-2013: Added ability to create a new task from Alfred.


  • Improve fuzzy search and add additional features... Suggestions?
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Do you think it would be possible to create task directly in Alfred ?

Unfortunately I don't think it's possible simply because TicToc doesn't have support for it in it's AppleScript Library, but I'll have a look and see if there's a way around that ;)

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