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Belkin WeMo Switch workflow

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Hi all, I edited a Python email script courtesy of dhjdhj to send off email triggers to IFTTT to activate WeMo Switch events. I've tested and have been able to use this to turn various switches around my home on and off. You need to set up your email details in the script section of the workflow and also email triggers in IFTTT with hashtags. To use the workflow, just type "wemo #hashtag". You can activate multiple triggers "wemo #hashtag1 #hashtag2" etc.


Hope this works for those who are interested. Credit goes out to the above poster for his quick email script.


The email triggers all have "WeMo Switch" in their subject line so you can set up filters in your email program to automatically delete all emails with "WeMo Switch" from your sent folder otherwise they may start clogging it up.





Download - http://cl.ly/2N2w1N1m0f2U

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