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HipChat workflow for status and search

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First workflow I'm sharing, so apologies if it's not the best.


The workflow is meant to work with HipChat's standalone desktop application for the Mac, not the web app.



I liked that HipChat supports quick status messages via keyboard commands so I created a workflow to set your status quickly. It uses Applescript and will trigger a command+tab at the end to quickly switchback to your previous application.



  • hc available [status]
  • hc away [status]
  • hc dnd [status]

Status is completely optional by the way since HipChat does not require one when setting your status





Similar to the status workflow this relies on using Applescript. Since the HipChat application does not have built-in search, it will launch a new browser tab with the results. If you're not logged into HipChat in your browser this may not work properly.



hc search [query]


Download: https://github.com/fspinillo/Alfred-Workflows

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