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OS X Mavericks - Listing the reasons why I should wait before updating or not.

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I wanted to update to the latest version of OS X, but there are many posts in the Alfred forum related to bugs/workflow not working anymore after the upgrade. 


So I wanted to know if there is a post listing known issues or popular workflows not working (as of today) with OS X Mavericks?


I just did a few searches but didn't find what I described above.

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Problems with workflows won’t likely be related to Alfred, but to the workflows themselves (something that OSX changed, like different language versions installed by default, that differ in some parts). My advice would be to look at the specific forum threads for the workflows you use, and see if there are any known issues with those. That said, Mavericks is a good and free update that supports a lot of Macs, even old ones, so it’s very likely that workflows that have issues with it will be updated soon. I’d say you’re probably safe to go ahead and upgrade.

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Alfred runs very well on Mavericks. As Vitor mentioned, you may find some workflows that don't work well on Mavericks.


Personally, I have been using Mavericks since the day it was released. All my workflows are running exactly the same on Mavericks as they were on Mountain Lion. Just my experience, though.


I don't see any reason to hold off on the update.


Cheers :)

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@Vitor and @Tyler thanks for your answers. 


I might not look the specific forum threads for the workflows I use because the last time I checked I used more than 140 (about 50 of them are keyword-based application launchers / specific webpage openers).


Now that I have the feedback of two Alfred's heavy users, I feel more confident in upgrading to Mavericks  :) 

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