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Allow searching by path on local drive


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Hello, forum


I've been using Alfred for a while now and have grown in love with it. However, I often find myself typing in a path to a file rather than the file name. It's an old habit stemming from using command line.


I was wondering if a search by path feature could be included in Alfred. For example, one could type in:


"path /localdrive/datadump/xyz",


and with each addition of each directory, files in said directory could be listed. Tab could be used for auto fill, just like in command line. The top result would be the directory in the typed path itself, so pressing return would open that directory or file (i.e., pressing return after typing the above would open the "xyz" folder, while the other options will be for files and of folders inside "xyz" folder)


You could predefine certain locations too. For instance:


"path data "/xyz",


would do the same as above, but data would be defined to point to the "datadump" folder.

Alternately, one could search from the middle of the path:


"path /datadump/xyz"


This might not be useful to many people, but would certainly increase workflow for users who're rapidly opening files but can't reindex every week or so.


I hope you find this useful.




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Oddly enough, the feature you describe is in the PowerPack, but the feature I inferred from your topic title is not.


I thought you meant an easy way to search within a given folder, using Alfred.  I'm not talking about setting up a workflow to search a specific scope—I'm talking about a one-off thing.  Just navigating to a folder using Alfred and then choosing "search this folder using Alfred" from the file actions menu...but that file action doesn't exist.


I suppose it might be set up with a workflow, but I'm unclear how to do that, since it would require multiple inputs (first a folder for the file action, then a search term.)

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