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Feature Request: Simulate Key presses in Workflows

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Hmmm, there is no way to simulate the eject key in AS? :-/

Rather than create a workflow for such a basic function, why not just install Dockables, and then "Sleep Display" becomes an app which can be immediately launched from Alfred anyway. That's what I use for doing precisely this.


Or you could just reassign the hotkey and use AS.

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Is there a way to simulate keypress in other languages like python?


Not that I'm aware of, but my knowledge of Python isn't very extensive. You could however use some of Python's other modules to perform system actions and execute Applescript using osascript from the command line

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Thanks David.


I figured out how to call simple applescripts from Python:

from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
def run_this_scpt(scpt, args=[]):
     p = Popen(['osascript', '-'] + args, stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
     stdout, stderr = p.communicate(scpt)
     return stdout
#Example of how to run it.
run_this_scpt("""tell application "System Events" to keystroke "m" using {command down}""")
#Example of how to run with args.
    on run {x, y}
        return x + y
    end run''', ['2', '2'])

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