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Alfred workflow for Notify My Android

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This is a simple workflow which allows you to send any kind of text to your Android device by using the Notify My Android service and app.  This is similar to the old Prowl Notification extension I did for Alfred.


Example usage:

  • nma Test message
  • nma www.alfredforum.com
  • nma Remember to buy some milk on the way home


Be sure to register for a Notify My Android account, and generate an API key, here:



You can download the Android app from the Google Play store at this link:



Note that I am not affiliated with the Notify My Android service, nor did I create their app.


Here is the download link for my workflow:  http://cl.ly/080O1g3g3V1Y


Here are the contents of the ReadMe for my workflow.  The instructions for setting your API key in the workflow are in there.





1. Register for an account at www.notifymyandroid.com.

2. In your Notify My Android account, generate an API key.

3. In the view for this workflow, double-click the "/bin/bash" icon.

4. On approximately the 13th line of the code, edit the following line:


nma_api_key="Your Notify My Android API key goes here"


Replace the text with your Notify My Android API key; leave the double quotes in place.



I believe their service allows you to send about 800 notifications per day.


You can download the Notify My Android client (not my app) from the Google Play store.  The app limits you to 5 notifications per day.  As of this writing they let you upgrade to unlimited notifications for a one-time fee of $4.99.


Thanks to Notify My Android for letting me use the icon for this workflow.














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