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New Folder Workflow

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You should be prompted to change that setting in System Preferences. If you are not, you simply go to System Preferences. Then choose "Security & Privacy." Choose the "Privacy" tab. The select "Accessibility" and allow Alfred 2 to control your computer.

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Thanks for your detailed answer.


I think what you describe is for Mavericks user. As I couldn't select "Accessibility" (the option doesn't exist. I only have Twitter, Contacts, Location services, Diagnostics and usage). From what I've found (here) I guessed that that "Accessibilty" option is only available in Mavericks.


I have checkboxed “Enable access for assistive devices”.


Am I missing something?

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Can someone help me get this working? I installed the Workflow, but when I invoke Alfred and type "New Folder" or "new folder," nothing shows up but the defaults.


This is all I see:

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Can I just chime in and thank you for this 'simple' workflow! This had made a HUGe difference to me, a big thank you! 


I am faced with saving 10/30/50 emails out of Outlook 2016 for Mac, into PDF, and placing them into individual folders (named after the client), many of whom are first-time - so they have no folder as of yet.

Previously, I was forced to save the PDFs into a dedicated 'hold/sort' folder, then create the folders in Finder, and then drag/drop the relevant emails into the new sub-folders.


Now, invoke KM to save the message as PDF, opening it in Preview.

Invoke TE snippet to name PDF file correctly.

Invoke Alfred, navigate to Parent Folder, search for existing subfolder - if none, jump back to Parent Folder, create new sub-Folder >> all within Alfred.

Move PDF to new sub-folder.


Still several steps - but far quicker than it used to be - and gradually adding/tweaking to the above, until eventually, I'll probably be able to automate much of this.



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