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Supress Clipboard auto-paste with modifier key? (for clipboard history and snippets)


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The clipboard auto-paste-to-front-app feature for the clipboard history and snippets is great, so I like to have it switched on. However, there are a minority of situations where it can be quite a nuisance. Would it be possible to make it so that holding down a modifier key (say, option) when selecting an item from Clipboard History or Snippets temporarily suppresses the auto-paste feature (or turns it on, if it's normally off)? It seems like it would be quite an instinctive thing from a user point of view, as the paradigm of modifiers for alternative outputs is fairly well established in Alfred already, so it feels like this would be a natural fit.


(I'm loving the beta, BTW. It's getting better and better all the time. Just as soon as iTunes support is in, I think I'll be able to send my faithful old Alfred 1 into permanent retirement. :) )

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Not sure if you already know this, but you can just press command+C to copy something from the clipboard history. Or do you want the modifier key in addition to that?

Doh! :wub:  I guess that's pretty obvious in hindsight. Thanks for pointing it out.


I do think the modifier-select would be good, but it's a pretty low priority now that I know this. Cheers.

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