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New workflow - Upload to ImageShack [updated to v1.01]

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Here's a workflow I built because I really wanted a way to quickly get screenshots into this forum. Like this one:




The workflow is a File Action that will upload a selected image file to the free service ImageShack, then put the online url to the image in your clipboard for quick pasting to wherever you need it.


Get it here (or in AlfPT repository).


Hope it's of use to some of you. ☺Let me know if there's any problems with it.


(P.S. Thanks to loris, who gave me the php I needed to parse the API output.)




7 February 2013 - v1.01

Very minor typographical fix. You probably won't even notice. Not worth bumping the topic.

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Didn't get it. How do I use this workflow? How do I pass the files to this script?


You navigate to the png image that you want to upload, within alfred, and then hit the right arrow.  



This will list different actions you can perform on this folder.  I opened the folder to get to the image w/ in alfred.




When I push the right arrow you can see the list of different actions you can perform on this image.  At the bottom is upload to image shack.





BOOM!  haha


Hope this helps!  :lol:

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Didn't get it. How do I use this workflow? How do I pass the files to this script?


You can actually just select the files you want in the Finder, then use the "File Selection" hotkey to show it in Alfred:


I've changed mine from the default, but you can find the hotkey in the Preferences under Features->File Search->Actions.



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So for some reason the workflow stopped on me.  I'm not quite sure why.  I wish I could provide you with more details.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  I really love this workflow so it would be awesome to get it back up and running.

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