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Open files in tabs in Finder

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Wanted to do a quick post really quick as a response to a user on Twitter asking about opening files in new tabs. User @moomadcow referenced an article on the QuickSilver blog that mentioned opening files in new tabs and then linked to a plugin for QS that provided the functionality.


There isn't currently any form of API or native support for opening a location in a new folder. That's why something like this doesn't already exist in Alfred. Alfred opens files by performing the same type of action you would see if you were to use the open command from the terminal. This method provides better compatibility and allows the command to work the same way if you use Finder, Path Finder, or anything else.


I looked into this plugin and found that it is a rather basic AppleScript that provides the functionality. This could be turned into a workflow file action for Alfred but wouldn't be a potential addition as a core feature of Alfred. The way the script works is by using AppleScript to simulate clicking the "New Tab" option in the menubar and then setting the path of that window to the desired location. This isn't a very reliable way of providing the functionality though. This script would have the same shortcomings outlined in this post. Basically, UI scripting with AppleScript doesn't work the same across all locales. Read more about the issue in the mentioned post.

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