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Better Mavericks Tag Search

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With Alfred 2.1.1 the Tags, that were introduced in Mavericks, are now searchable. With this you are able to search for Tags and get all files that have the Tags set on them.

The problem is that you always get all files as a result.

It would be really nice if you could "append" the search Tags to your "normal" search in order to filter your search more precisely.

E.g: "'foo" searches for all files that are named "foo".

It would be great if you could have such a query: "'foo tags:privat" to find all files that are named "foo" and have are tagged as "privat".

I think this would make the tagging feature much more useful, especially if you have many files tagged and not just only a few that can be listed in the Alfred results.


Also the Tags feature should preview all available tags.


Best regards,


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I'd also love some way to quickly search for files using both tags and the filename... I'm assuming that the current tag support in Alfred is just the first phase... because I see lots of potential when combining tags with the other Alfred file search capabilities... Hope that is true. Thanks!

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