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Search scope additions don't appear at the end of the list [Noted]


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I hope this doesn't drive you nuts, but I'm going to start filing user experience / usability bugs. If you'd prefer I hold off on these until the app is further along, please let me know!


Anyway, when you add a search scope (I tried adding /System/Library/CoreServices) it appears in the middle of the list of items. As a user I'd expect it to appear at the bottom of the list, and from a usability standpoint it's clearer if it appeared at the bottom.


That would save me from having to visually dig through the list to confirm the folder was actually added.


Mac OS X 10.8.3, Alfred b79, 100% reproducible.

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Hi there,


The reason I sort search scopes when added to the list is it helps hint to the OS X metadata server that the query is similar to the previous one and hence improves performance. By pre-sorting items, not only does it keep this consistent order but it also means I don't have to sort them every time they are passed to the metadata server which increases performance further.


I'll add a ticket to select the item you just added to the list to help with the visual confirmation.


At this point, I'd prefer to keep this bugs forum to pure bugs to keep the noise down. Every bug that is filed takes investigation time which cuts time I have to develop and finish v2. I'll be happy for UX bugs later on in the cycle.




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