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Adding a confirmation object/object option (to prevent the worse).


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Now that I have more than 200 workflows + assigned a keyboard shortcut to as many of them as I could, my keyboard might look like a weapon of massive destruction if not properly used (ie. closing a 40+ opened tabs in background window in Google Chrome :) ).


I really like the Alfred's system commands confirmation windows. 


So, I would really like one object/object option that would let me add an "ask for confirmation" step so that I would really be aware of what I am doing.


What do you think? 

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Yes, good idea.  I'm surprised it's not already there—but I haven't done as much tinkering as you with workflows, so I never noticed before.


(It makes me nervous every time I use the "delete" file action that there is no confirmation, and not even any feedback so you can see what you did, on the off chance you made a mistake.)

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