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Font Awesome Workflow (for Web Designer, Front-end Developer)

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Download Font Awesome Workflow





You can incremental search for Font Awesome Icons and paste it to front most app.


Screenshots (Animated GIF)


for coding HTML/CSS





for designing in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc







  • Keyword fa: Search through Font Awesome Icons.
  • Enter: Paste class name (for coding HTML/CSS. e.g. fa-arrow-circle-o-right)
  • Ctrl + Enter: Paste character reference (for designing in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
  • Shift + Enter: Paste character code (e.g. f18e)
  • Cmd + Enter: Open in browser (e.g. http://fontawesome.io/icon/arrow-circle-o-right)


Download & Source Code







By far the best way to give me feedback is to submit an issue on GitHub.





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I use it on Fireworks ... it doesn't work very well

In fact, it pastes it but with the default font, then I apply the Fontawesome and after I have to fix the width ...


BUT if I copy a icon from the web or from photoshop and paste it into FWcs6 it works well : it create a text field in Fontawesome with the icon.

I think it's a problem with how you handle the copy/paste 

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A quick note for users of this workflow on High Sierra:


Two users have reported recently that the Alfred 3 version of this Font Awesome workflow from Github (https://github.com/ruedap/alfred-font-awesome-workflow) on High Sierra specifically causes the "faw" process to run away with high CPU usage (which can be seen in Activity Monitor).



I've contacted the workflow creator to ask him to take a look at this issue, and invited him to pop a post here on the forum when he's been able to do so.


Until then, users who see this issue can simply disable the workflow and restart Alfred / their Mac, to stop the high CPU usage. :)



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