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Take action on multiple items (eg. Quicksilver's "The Comma Trick")


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One feature I greatly miss from quicksilver is the ability to take action on multiple items. For instance, instead of invoking Alfred and typing "Mail" to start Mail.app, then invoking Alfred again and typing "Adium" to start adium - I'd love to just be able to type "mail,adium" and then hit enter to launch both applications.




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If launching a specific group of files in batch is your only goal, Alfred has an workflow action for that. If you attach it to a keyword—for example, "talk"—you could even type less while achieving the same result.

I can see how you would miss that comma feature, though. It's probably faster in certain instances.

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This is available in Alfred since v1, have a look at the "Buffer" tab in the File Search Feature panel


Interesting, I see it in the v2 beta, but not in v1. Unfortunately, it looks like it's more work to add items to the buffer (option-arrow key is much more difficult to type than ",") than to just launch them individually.


Thanks for the pointer!

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