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Open Chocolat Project Bookmark workflow

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I just love the tasty Chocolat app for coding and other text editing tasks on the Mac. I created this Alfred workflow (see attachment below) to open Chocolat app project bookmarks.


To Create a project bookmark, open a folder in Chocolat and select "Save Project Bookmark..." from the "File" menu. This saves a tiny .chproj file which tracks info about your project.


Once you install the Alfred workflow, you can use it by calling Alfred up and typing "chocp". "chocp *" will return all project bookmarks. You can also type other file name partials with wildcards included as needed. Open a project by selecting from the list of choices and pressing return. You will then see all of your files open nicely in Chocolat. I like using project bookmarks with this workflow because I have limited the search scope of this workflow to only return .chproj files. This just makes it quicker and easier to open the right project more quickly.


Direct download link: http://mark.shropshires.net/sites/default/files/Open%20Chocolat%20Project%20Bookmark.alfredworkflow


More details and screenshots can be found here: http://mark.shropshires.net/blog/open-chocolat-project-bookmark-workflow

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