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CheckSpelling — Spelling correction in various languages

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This workflow is officially deprecated due to a dead API. There are alternatives in the replies. You can find the old source on Github.


Check and correct spelling in various languages. There are six configurable keyboard shortcuts, but you’ll typically need to setup only between one and three.

Select a word and press a shortcut — the first one will show you the word following Alfred’s spell keyword, so you’ll have a set of words to pick from for the substitution (to have it automatically switch the word in this case, you’ll need to set it up in Alfred’s preferences under FeaturesDictionary). The following five will immediately replace the word with the best suggestion (using the After the Deadline service).

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The developer told me to perform the following setup for Spanish and Portuguese:

"Look at the Hotkey nodes on the left. Double click any of them except the first, and on the Prefix you’ll see one of en, fr, de, pt, es. Assign them any keyboard shortcut you want. When you activate the shortcut, the language in the Prefix will be the one used."


The problem is that when I type the shortcut for Spanish/Portuguese nothing happens. It it works perfectly well in english. I think that I'm missing something in the configuration of my dictionaries or I'm doing something wrong.....


@Vero Can you give me some advice?





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16 hours ago, sete said:

The developer told me


I am the developer. I’m here everyday.


16 hours ago, sete said:

I think that I'm missing something in the configuration of my dictionaries or I'm doing something wrong.


This does not use your dictionary, it uses a web service. How are you using the workflow? Only the first hotkey shows Alfred, for the others you’re supposed to select a word a run the hotkey then.

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I'm selecting a word and then pressing my hotkeys (command+option+W for english)/(command+option+E for spanish). When pressing the "English" hotkey everything works perfect. But nothings happens when pressing the Spanish hotkeys.



Screenshot 2017-04-09 15.44.31.JPG

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Like I said, that spell example that calls the dictionary is only for English. That is not what the workflow is about. You’re supposed to write something, select it, and press the hotkey so the text is replaced with a correction.

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9 hours ago, sete said:

I'm going to select the word "comida" for you to see what happens when I type the shortcut (nothing happens).


Nothing happens because “comida” is a word that exists. If you spellcheck a word that exists, it stays the same. Do it on a fake word, like “conxeguir”.

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Hello @vitor  Am I doing something wrong using your tool?  I'm trying the english shortcut where it should replace the misspelled word with the highest suggested correct word. It doesn't seem to replace it.  I can tell something is happening becuase I see the edit menu flash on my mac.  But it doesn't replace the selected word.  I've tried this in Notes and TextEdit on my Mac. 

The "Show with alfred's spell keyword" pops up the menu just fine.  But when I select something, it doesn't overwrite the highlighted text either.  

Any suggestions?



I think this might be a permissions issue, I posted a question here:  


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@2Pants You’re not doing anything wrong. The API I use for the Workflow hasn’t been working (no discernible reason, everything else looks the same) and I haven’t yet found a replacement.


  1. Find another API.
  2. Use a local spell checker.


  1. Other spell checking APIs are paid or require registration.
  2. CLI spell checkers don’t provide compiled self-contained versions, and the ones in Homebrew are dependent on hard-coded locations. I haven’t yet explored the viability of compiling them myself, which even if successful would lead to another slew of problems because it would mean I’d have to host them myself (which I don’t want) or possibly make the Workflow’s license more restrictive, due to the GPL (which these spellcheckers all seem to be under).


So it is possible to fix the Workflow, but I haven’t yet found a solution that doesn’t make some setup work for the user.

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@vitor Got it.  Thanks for the update.  One mythical day when I have free time I'll update this to use a local spell checker and post the solution.  It'll be one day when I miss-spell the same word 50 times and get frustrated/motivated!

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4 hours ago, vitor said:

Getting a local dictionary to work is easy. The hard part is making it a good experience where the user doesn’t have to do any external setup.

What do you mean?  Say if I use a python script for example.  The user would have to have that version of python installed and those python packages installed.  Is that what you're referring to?  

Yeah that's where the API has an advantage.  

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3 hours ago, 2Pants said:

Say if I use a python script for example.  The user would have to have that version of python installed and those python packages installed.  Is that what you're referring to?


Yes. You could do pip install something or brew install something, hardcode those installation paths in your Workflow, and get it done quickly. But then it’s a worse experience for other people, because you have to explain external steps they have to perform.


If my Workflows have dependencies, I make sure they’re bundled or automatically / easily gettable from within the Workflow and that it doesn’t mess with people’s setup outside the Workflow.

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3 hours ago, oldcai said:

I can be the new maintainer of this plugin or request a PR to your repo.

I’ll gladly review a PR but don’t intend to transfer ownership of the Workflow.


You can also fork it for yourself but if you do change the name and icon so there’s no confusion of intent or origin.


While the code is open-source and you can use it as you like, neither the name nor the icon are. Also, your mention of “and is now maintained by @oldcai” makes it seem like I officially gave your version my blessing to continue the work, but that is not the case. I have no reason to distrust you but I also won’t approve code I didn’t inspect. Please don’t reuse the externally identifiable features.


Thank you. Looking forward to the PR and to talk about the API.

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I apologize for the information that may cause misunderstanding.


I've sent a PR now, and I'm considering opening the source code of the API app too, but I haven't decided yet.

So I kept my repo but renamed it to CorrectSpelling.


I have also made some declarations in the repo page: 

This spelling correction plugin for Alfred is created by @vitorgalvao and named CheckSpelling.

CorrectSpelling is an unofficial fix of CheckSpelling, and CorrectSpelling is now maintained by @oldcai.


I hope that would be proper.


Best regards,

oldcai (Albert Tsai)



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