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Le Tournedisque, discover new music

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Hey guys,


I made this little workflow today to get over a hangover: I needed good music. There is this website called letournedisque.com that is posting about a track a day, all awesome, ranging from Electro to Hip-Hop to New Jazz and Electro Rock.


It's easy. You type "tournedisque" (feel free to change the keyword) and you get to hand pick the track you want, download everything that's new (might take a while the first time you do that) or go to the website.




Everything is cached properly so it should be pretty fast (covers are only downloaded once) and it'll remember what you downloaded in the past (so that the "Download all new songs" doesn't re-downloaded songs you already have).


And then, you check your Downloads/letournedisque/ folder and ta-daa



Of course, all downloaded tracks come with the appropriate metadata and artwork so that's it sits pretty in your iTunes.


I also believe it's a good example of how to pass data between two scripts with php, serializing a variable into the argument field instead of dumping it onto a file. But please, feel free to criticize.


Here is the link:

See edit of 10 Dec.


I will welcome any feedback, questions or desires.






9 dec., bug fixes

 - downloads now register even in single mode

 - added tick-boxes to indicate downloaded and new tracks

10 dec., removed 

 - I can't let this workflow live any longer. Downloading is illegal and may cause Alfred & le Tournedisque problems.

Edited by Florian
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