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Make the "workflows" directory compatible with being a git repository

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Currently, the Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows directory consists of files such as:



user.workflow.04920F48-D3A5-43EC-A15E-67BE4FBEB864 user.workflow.9F9952DB-FB85-477E-839E-DD5AFB79157D
user.workflow.0F14C544-D083-44A4-ABDB-BB1392C53EF7 user.workflow.A235E0D1-5199-4E66-ACBB-2B385EBB231D
This format makes it difficult to put the directory under version control and then coordinate development of workflows between software developers. It would be helpful if the directory were structured more like this:
  Chrome Bookmarks/   Google Autocomplete/
  Plain Text Paste/
I think this would allow Alfred to advertise itself to developers: if github developers see other "Alfred Workflows" that they like and want to copy, they could fork the repository and tweak or improve the workflows for their own purposes. In the meantime, Alfred Powerpack would become even more desirable.
See also the way Sublime Text 2 allows this kind of sharing of packages.
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The solution is to create a link to workflow folder of Alfred which works for me like a charm. But the dropbox sync is broken because I can not sync settings between my work laptop and personal laptop :(



That's an issue with symlinking and Dropbox, not Alfred.


If the symlink exists on both machines, Dropbox will keep the link. If not, it creates a directory instead.

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This will eventually be resolved by Alfred as well. Don't hold me to this but I believe Andrew has it scheduled before final release of v2 to have workflows folders be named to match the bundle id.


This didn't happen yet did it?

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