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Suggestion:Workflow of Alfred Workflows

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With all the workflows I have now, it is sometimes hard to remember the names and tiggers for every one of them. So I think it is a good idea to have an Alfred Workflow showing the (other) workflows we have installed and being able to select them from the window. 

I really do not know how to do it or if it already exists. Any idea?







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That seems very impractical. If you have so many workflows you can’t remember them, how would showing 9 items at a time in Alfred’s window help? In addition, some workflows have a lot of keywords for different things like setting usernames and passwords (things you use once), so populating the feedback results with that (since it wouldn’t be able to distinguish what is important from what is not) wouldn’t get you far, as it would be so many information you’d be lost.

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Yeah, both are useful if your drowning in workflows but after working with both for awhile you will decide that it may just be best to backup all your workflows and Alfred's current preferences and state and then re-install only the very useful ones, defining useful is the hardest part.


And now for my workflow idea:


Nothing flashy happens and it pretty much would only show results in alfred once it has had time to observe how you use workflows but pretty much this OG statistician workflow would automatically report back with simple in-line feedback with numbers relating to each section. For instance,

10 - Used Today

16 - Used In The Last 7 Days - 8 of the 16 were used outside of today.

25 - Used in the last month


Wow, it seemed like a great idea when I started but after thinking of the feedback I am not so sure about this anymore lol. Anyways, it dawned on me that having some nice usage specific to workflows would help a lot of us remove and not just disable those workflows we don't use. 


And now I believe Alfred 2 should have a "backup workflow" type of feature as well in the context menu, say next to export workflow menu option. Sure, exporting is good, no it's great, those days of manually entering everything was no fun at all.


Anyhow, I tend to disable a lot of workflows I don't think i have a use for but I feel if I delete them then the scenario where they can be used will pop-up and if i'm not on ym local machine that has my old alfred workflows folder locally that doesn't sync and isn't stored along side alfred's data so it all's nice and organized I can't access them and so I feel better to just disable and end up with more workflows than minutes in the day.


Not recommend but you can always do this manually, create a filter if you want and accomplish the goal of knowing that your unused workflows are being saved into a dedicated directory either in Alfred 2's application support directory or the folder that masquerades as a file, Alfred.alfredpreferences... Solution created by you and not officially sanctioned, but still works - perhaps people would use this. I really do not know if I would but I know that I have too many workflows and just thought about this after remembering when I believed the two mentioned above would shame me into trimming the fat.


Nothing gets trimmed and those workflows, Mr. Rice's "Help" specifically is the only one that ever sees the light of day and that is to find which workflow is holding a hotkey combo I want to use hostage.

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