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Screen sharing with Screenhero

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This workflow lets you start sharing your screen via Screenhero:



It shows your currently online Screenhero contacts.  When you action a result, it will start sharing your screen with that contact.  If you have multiple monitors, it will ask you to choose a monitor first.


Download the workflow.


Requires Screenhero to be installed and running: download Screenhero here.


Thanks and let me know what you think!

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  • 1 year later...
Anyone know if this workflow still works?


I just install ScreenHero OSX, integrated with Slack, then installed this workflow but it doesn't work.


The default SH shortcut doesn't seem to even be recognized. I tried changing it to "foodbar" and it was recognized, but only to launch ScreenHero, it still hasn't picking up users so I could quickly start a user with the by name.

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