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Resize 1.0: resize selected images from percentage predefined ratio

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[version 1.1 on GitHub does fix a regression that prevented multiple image selection]




I have a Macbook pro retina. And every time I need to share a screenshot with friends or co-workers, I have to resize them as this screenshots will just be too big to be shared on their original size. 

Then I wrote this quick and dirty workflow that does resize you images selection while choosing your preferred percentage.

Personally I usually use 40% ...


When I say quick and dirty, it's because I use a build-in automator function that does just that for me. But I had to create as many "application" than percentage ratio proposed. And each .app are 1,7 Mo (that's the dirty part ;( ).

So the all workflow is around 17 Mo to download!




Select your image(s) from desktop or finder, type "resize" + TAB then select your preferred ratio and hit "ENTER"

If you want to keep a copy of the resized image, press "CTRL" before "ENTER"





get it from GitHub






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