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Powerpack yes or no

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I am new to Alfred. Do you guys think the Powerpack is worth the money?




Workflows alone are worth the money. Even if you don't want to make them yourself, there are hundreds of free workflows available on these forums. For example: I use a workflow full of hotkeys to launch my favorite apps (e.g. Command-Option-Control-S opens the Safari, Command-Option-Control-P opens Pages, Command-Option-Control-R opens Pixelmator, etc.)


Clipboard history and snippets are one of my favorite features. If I want to copy 4 different items and paste them in a different order, I can do that. If I can't remember the URL I copied a few minutes ago, Alfred is happy to help. For example: I use snippets to hold my 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' dummy text, which I use when I develop websites.


File Navigation is always faster than Finder. I use it whenever I want to navigate folders quickly to grab what I need. For example: I use File Navigation for Save dialogs. Finder can take a good 15 seconds to load folder contents; Alfred takes less than a second, always.


Quick Look is incredibly handy for file results and File Navigation. It's a small thing, but I can't imagine Alfred without it. For example: I use Quick Look to see how large a file/folder is, the last time I used it, etc.


Alfred is all about saving extra steps, simplifying, and speeding up. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Personally, I recommend the 'Mega Supporter' license; that way, you get free updates for life  :)


Learn about the Powerpack on Alfred's website

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Yep. Another 'Mega Supporter' here.


It's entirely worth it. Alfred can make it so that you just about never need to take your hands off the keyboard, which makes everything faster, but this is only possible with the workflows that interface with whichever apps that you have. I have noticed that it does become more difficult for me to use other computers that don't have Alfred and my workflows installed. It's like whenever I drive a car with an automatic transmission, I find myself constantly stomping on the floor with my left foot, trying to hit the clutch that isn't there. It's when I use these other computers that I notice just how much faster Alfred lets me do the things that I constantly need to do.


Further, some workflows can entirely replace paid apps, which means, if you were to buy those apps, you're saving money, so that makes it worth it. Also, the system always runs faster with fewer apps on it, so you might get a tiny performance gain. After all, workflows are usually much smaller than applications.


I'd recommend browsing through the "Share Your Workflows" forum to see what's available. If you see things that you would use, then spring for it.



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I've been using Alfred happily for a while now but am really keen on getting the powerpack (mostly due to workflows and file navigation). I was just wondering if we'll have another birthday discount on Alfred's 4th birthday on the 28th of Feb. Any idea?




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