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hyper-paranoid question here-

are all url/file search queries stored, even if you disable 'query history' / 'URL history' / clipboard? what if you enable these features, will the query cache be cleared once you clear those feature histories?
i would like to use Alfred for all web searches instead of a browser, but if i am piping searches i would normally enter directly on HTTPS search sites, are these queries instead being recorded in plain text somewhere before they reach the HTTPS site?

could queries theoretically be sent by way of scripts in imported workflows, if the developer designed it that way?

and, more generally, is Alfred interacting with the network at any point, or all queries local? for someone who is privacy-minded, does using Alfred sacrifice security for convenience in any obvious ways?

Thanks very much

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Alfred doesn't personally use or send any of your data outside of your local Mac, so if your Mac is safe and clean, then your data is safe. Your usage of Alfred is stored in a semi-abstract way for a rolling window of about a month, but ONLY so that Alfred can better order the results he presents to you.


As you've referred to workflows, could you please fill in your registered Powerpack email address in your forum profile, thanks! :)

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