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What's the easiest way to show and filter a list of urls?

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I have some links which I use daily (they aren't in my Chrome bookmarks):


  1. Admin - http://
  2. Production - http://
  3. Log - http://
  4. Hangout - http://
  5. ...

I would like to create a workflow i.e. "links" to show these links and filter them as I type, if I click in the link it should open the url in Chrome.


I didn't find a similar example, all of them seemed too complex for what I want. Is there a simple way to create such workflow?



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Create a new workflow. There's a template for opening a URL in a browser. Set a keyword, e.g., admin, and fill in the URL. Then add the same two blocks over and over again for each keyword and each URL. At the end you'll have a complete workflow with all of your keywords and URLs.

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Yes, but you'll have to write code. Create a workflow. Use a script filter and write code that lists the URLs and displays only the ones that match the query.

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Right, I ended up with a script.






  'Pablo'  =>   'http://pablocantero.com',
  'GitHub' =>   'http://github.com/phstc'

query = '{query}'.strip.downcase

if query == ''
  selected = LINKS
  selected = LINKS.reject do |name, link|

output = %{<?xml version="1.0"?><items>}

selected.each do |name, link|
  output += %{
  <item uid="#{name}" arg="#{link}" autocomplete="#{name}">

output += "</items>"

puts output


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