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multiple telephone numbers not formatted correctly

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Using OS X 10.9.1 and latest version of Alfred - 2.1.1


When I call up the Alfred panel to search for a contact, any contacts with multiple telephone numbers have a formatting bug. No problem if contact has only 1 telephone number.  See attached screenshot.https://www.dropbox.com/s/ek3l1a589aowkr8/Alfred%20Test.jpg


Alfred formats the phone numbers as the Contacts API passes them to him and doesn't process them in any way. Try removing and re-adding a phone number in Contacts and it may then be passed to Alfred formatted.


I plan on adding bespoke formatting to Alfred's contact viewer to format unformatted numbers in the future :)


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This occurs because entries are added with different formats in Mac OS Contacts and the iPhone adds them differently also.  I use the following format all the time now which requires me to enter all entries with my MAC or at least modify them after the fact.  Here is the format I use   +1 555 555 1212.  You can use the two scripts to alter all of you address book contacts at once.  The first one removes spaces and the second one adds a +1 if it does not exist.  



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Thanks Andrew and Mike.

I only enter telephone numbers via either my MBP running Mountain Lion, or my iMac (Mavericks).

From a contact in Address Book with 2 telephone numbers (one correctly displayed in Alfred, the other not), I removed the number with the Alfred formatting problem. Incidentally, that number was correctly formatted in Contacts (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Once deleted, I added the number again. Alfred still shows a formatting problem with the 2nd number. Note, I'm using iCloud to populate my Contacts between 2 computers and 2 iPads.

The illustration I attached to my 1st post was created in Contacts using the same data entry for each of the 3 numbers. Still don't understand why Alfred would not show the correct formatting. 


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thanks for the suggestion. I've tried this step to no avail. From what has been offered, it seems the problem lies in how OS X formats the information. From whatever source it's being fetched, it seems there is some corruption going on. This formatting error, which only occurs where multiple telephone numbers are entered, occurs on both Mountain Lion and Mavericks.


You need to re add a phone number in your contact and try to dail it againg. I hope you will not face any problem.

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I'm also having this problem -- had it since Mountain Lion, then Mavericks and now with Yosemite. NOTHING WORKS. I've deleted the offending phone number, saved, restarted the Mac and then added it. No change. And since Contacts won't let me change the phone number format, there's not much else I can do. It's really bothersome because I can't see well, and depend on both Alfred and hitting the large type option to quickly see a phone number. Having all the numbers smooshed together makes this more difficult for me, so this isn't just an annoyance for me — I REALLY would like this fixed!

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May have found the cause: I realized that all my number have been entered into Contacts as one long string of numbers, such as “8005551212” and then hitting the TAB key and letting Contacts auto-format the number for me. I wondered what would happen if I tried entering the number this way: “800 555 1212” … and here’s the result:




SO… it would appear there’s a bug in Contact’s auto-formatting. Which I have no idea how to turn off; I don’t think it can be disabled. AFAIK, if you enter a number like 555-555-1212, or use periods instead of dashes, it’ll still change it to (555)-555-1212.
I’d be willing to change all my numbers to use spaces, but I have NO IDEA how I’d get through each and every of my 2000 contacts and change each number by hand! Is there a way to automate that? There was a link to a couple of scripts on this page regarding a similar issue, but the link is now dead.
If anyone's got some ideas on this, would love to hear them!
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