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The Minimalist: Flat UI colors


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As a followup in "The Minimalist" series to Almost White (far and away the most popular theme in the forums now!) and Almost Black I wanted to do something more colorful, but still very clean, minimalist, and modern.


So here is a suite of themes based on the lovely work over at flatuicolors.com.



Download Flat UI Blue ›




Download Flat UI Gray ›




Download Flat UI Green ›




Download Flat UI Orange ›




Download Flat UI Purple ›




Download Flat UI Red ›




Download Flat UI Turquoise ›




Download Flat UI White ›

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These themes look great! Great work!


One note: the serif font used for the subtitle is out of place. Perhaps a sans-serif font (like Helvetica) would be better?


Ack, you're right! That subhead is supposed to be in the same font. I'll fix these up tomorrow. Thanks, and good eye.

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