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TwitchStreamer 1.8: Search Twitch.tv streams and watch in VLC or mpv

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  • keywords: tw, twtop, twgames, optional: twbygame, twcover
  • twtop: show top live streams on twitch.tv
  • twgames: show top live games streamed on Twitch.tv
  • tw: search specific live streams on twitch.tv (argument: game, channel or streamer)
  • twbygame: search game, result leads to tw
  • twcover: download and convert game icons/covers/posters (optional, you only have to use it once you want to download many new game covers => e.g. because you deleted your outdated cover-folder)
  • browse philosophy: twtop or twgames for getting the most wanted streams on twitch.tv
  • search philosophy: e.g. tw star finds streamer like "starman" and "starcraft"-games streams



Check who is streaming on Twitch.Tv (category gaming) and watch your favorite stream via Livestreamer in VLC or mpv (no lags anymore, thanks to buffering).


The main keyword is tw and the second word is the game or stream you want to watch (examples:tw voyboy or tw league of legends or also simply tw league). Alternative: Use keyword twtop to see the current TOP streams or twgames for the current TOP streamd games. Limit of streams is changable via specific workflow ($limit-variable).


With "enter" you can open the stream via Livestreamer on VLC or mpv.


The streamer list is sorted by number of viewers descending. The quality of the stream is "high". If you want to change it to best (e.g.), feel free to open the existing "Terminal Command" (alfred, workflow-window) and modify the Livestreamer line.


Optional: If you deleted your game icons/covers/posters folder (because many of them are outdated) you should use twcover to download all the top game covers. Otherwise tw or twtop will do it, but it takes more time and downloads less covers.


Screenshot: Browsing TOP STREAMS




Screenshot: Browsing TOP GAME



Screenshot: Searching STREAM




Screenshot: Searching GAME




Screenshot 5: Downloading GAME COVERS/POSTERS




Screenshot 6: Watching STREAM





  • Required: Livestreamer and VLC or mpv
  • Made in/with OSX 10.9.1, livestreamer 1.7.2, VLC 2.1.2, PHP 5.3, AppleScript 2.3, Twitch-API/v3
  • Supports OneUpdater/AlleyOop/Monkey Patch (workflow updater)




  • it takes a lil time between entries because of the twitch.tv-api



P.S. I am new in Mac, Alfred and coding like this, so please have mercy on me ;-) On the other hand issues and feedback are welcome!

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There is another version (1.6) of this workflow (it uses jpg instead of png) cuz some people don't get current version work since they updated OSX to Yosemite. If your version 1.52 still work, you need no update. Otherwise try 1.6: Download



  • switched cover-format from png to jpg (due to issue#1)
  • cleaned up code
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