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Help with a few workflows

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I´m trying to do a few workflows but can´t get them to work. I´ve tried Googling for a few hours and set up different kind of workflows by my own and downloaded. But can´t get any of thoose to work.


1.Copy text and search in Mail App. Would like it to launch with hot key cmd + double "c" key click.

Can get the search to work, but very very slow (can´t the result load within 0,1 sec?) and can´t get the cmd + double "c" key click as a hotkey. 


2.Copy text and launch new mail and new email based on a template

How to copy text, paste it in the to form, go to subject and paste a different (textexpander) sentence and then to main content and launch a different (textexpander) sentence there?


3. Copy text and open a Google Docs Online data sheet, and search within that whole sheet (including all working sheets) 


Hope some kindly soul could help me with this or send me to guides of how to do it :)

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Hope some kindly soul could help me with this or send me to guides of how to do it :)


I'm sure somebody will be kind enough to help! I'm moving this to the Workflow help sub-forum as it's a better place for it :)

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#1: Not sure why it's slow. It might depend on which languages/libraries you're using, but there's no way to troubleshoot that without more info. As to why you can use `double-c` as a hotkey: you can't use a double-key press as a hotkey. Perhaps just add in another modifier key, e.g. cmd+opt+c.


#2: Are you doing this in Applescript? It seems like the only way you could do such a thing so easily. Basically, you'd have to create the body template as a variable that you could manipulate from via other the contents of the clipboard. You'd do the same with the subject (I'm not sure why this would need to be a text-expander sentence rather than treating it like another "template" in the way that the body is). The Mail app's Applescript Dictionary should give you the options of how to get the information into the mail once you've already done that.


#3: You need to look into the GoogleDocs API. Actually, if you just want the browser open the spreadsheet and then search, you might, again, consider using Applescript to 'activate' the browser and open the URL (you can construct this by experimenting with the URLs for spreadsheets in Google Docs), and then you can use the UI commands to search for the string.

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