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Can anyone help: Workflow to lookup MAC Addresses????

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Good Morning Alfred App Dev's,


I look up MAC addresses hundreds of times a week at work. Can anyone help/create me a workflow where I can quickly lookup the Mac address to see what manufacture router a customer has.


Kind Regards,


I'm confused... you're looking for a workflow to lookup the mac address of the router that the user is connected to?

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First you need a table from the likes of : IEEE Standards Association

At the bottom is a text file: "Download a copy of the MA-L Public Listing (Updated daily)"


Then the workflow just needs the first six characters of the MAC to grab the Manufacturer.


Basically this requires some parsing in your preferred language ... I will try to pump one out this weekend with BIN/BASH because that's all I know, but perhaps someone else might grab this and up one faster than me.




DOWNLOAD BETA 1 of the workflow


Once installed simply type "mac" with a space, then the MAC number.


I am parsing out all the crap to work with the included "oui.txt" file and only include the first 6 digits/characters.

As far as I am aware, the two most common separators are ":" and "-" for MACs ... let me know if others are common.


For example:


typing 'mac 00-00-00' will output "XEROX CORPORATION"

typing 'mac 00:00:00' will output "XEROX CORPORATION"

typing 'mac 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00' will output "XEROX CORPORATION"


Hitting SHIFT+ENTER will copy the manufacturer to the clipboard

Hitting CTRL+ENTER will open "http://standards.ieee.org/develop/regauth/oui/public.html" in your default browser so that you can obtain the most recent 'oui.txt' file if it ever becomes out of date.

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The page @RodgerWW linked to has a CSV list of MAC address allocations. I've converted that to an XLSX file.


Grab that file and save it somewhere safe, then install the I Sheet You Not workflow, which you can use to generate a workflow for you.


In the generated workflow, set START_ROW to 2 and TITLE_COL to 2 in the workflow configuration sheet, and assign a keyword and descriptions of your choice.

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