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WHOIS workflow

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A simple whois workflow where you can input a domain with or without http(s)://


Posting my first ever workflow. By no means a programmer, so probably the approach of the workflow could have been done in several other ways. Suggestions are welcome!


Working with a web development company, I do approximately 20-30 WHOIS searches a day. It was very easy to make an "Open URL" workflow with Alfred using "https://www.who.is/whois/{query}". However, that particular site is sensitive to http(s):// being part of the url… If http(s):// is part of the url, it will give a page not found. Therefor I found myself spending too much time on deleting http(s):// from my copied domains in the Alfred window.


I needed to figure this one out. I wanted a workflow that no matter what I type, with or without http(s)://, would give me results on the https://www.who.is/whois/ page. 


Easier said then done, "Open Url" so far cannot be used as (part of) an Output. I actually needed to program! Yikes!


So here it is, a simple workflow for those who use WHOIS on a regular base: Download Simple WHOIS workflow


A few screenshots:








Hopefully someone can use it… 


And please be gentle on my "coding"… as mentioned.. not a programmer!  :D


Piet Nutbey



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