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Certain Feedback in script filter doesn't work


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I had a workflow using a script filter, when for a certain query it suddenly refused to show any feedback.

My script generated the xml just fine, but Alfred doesn't seem to accept it.


Upon further investigation I found weird behaviour, and to demonstrate I provide this workflow.

It contains three script filters, test1/2/3, each of which just outputs a xml file (alfred feedback).

The first one does not work for me, it just sits there showing the Placeholder text when I enter the keyword "test1".

The other two script filters populate Alfred just fine.


The weird thing is, the three xml files that are returned to Alfred are pretty much the same.

test2 only differs from test1 in the removal of two letters in the subtitle of the first item. 

test3 on the other hand has some added text in the xml.

Structurally, the xml files are all the same, so test1 should be just as valid as the other two.



Tested with b79 and b86 on OS X 10.8.2

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Okay, thanks.


But I'm still wondering why the other two work then, they don't contain that line either and are pretty much the same.

I didn't think the parser has such difficulties with these two additional letters.

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It seems to be an issue with NSString being converted into NSData which is chopping off some of the first characters. Not entirely sure why this is the case and seems to be completely inconsistent - I wonder if there is a dodgy unicode character which is tripping it up somewhere hidden in the XML.

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