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Switch from file filter search to keyword search with a modifier key?

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Is there any way of setting up a workflow where I could type some letters to start a file filter search and then if wanted hold down a modifier key (Option) to switch to keyword search (that would use AppleScript and Finder), that would search for my query through that?


The reason I'm wanting something like this is that sometimes when searching for Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch documents etc. it will be enough to search with a file filter in Alfred. But sometimes I want to open up the search in a larger Finder window with more room to see what I'm searching for, thumbnail previews etc.




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So you want Finder to only show what you've searched for?


I'm not sure I understand exactly but from a File Filter you can press the right arrow on a file and get quite a few helpful options.

A couple that might interest you are Reveal in Finder and Find Similar - and because Alfred is convenient as hell, once you've pressed the right arrow, type "find" and you'll see exactly these two options ;)


Let us know if that's what you're looking for.

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No, they're not what I'm looking for.


I have another workflow that searches in a Finder window, but because it's run through AppleScript I can control the windows size, position, arranged by view, thumbnail preview size etc. Basically I can control how the results are shown exactly how I want them.


At the moment I have to switch from 1 workflow (file filter for quick searches) to another workflow (keyword search that opens up a large Finder window with pretty larger thumbnail previews etc.). It's not terrible, just wondering if there was a way to switch from one to the other in a easier, more elegant way :)

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