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Is there a way to

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Set it up so that I can highlight something on the screen and then send what I highlighted to an alfred workflow by right clicking instead of copying and then calling up alfred, typing my workflow and then pasting.


In specific I am using UniCall.  I'd love to be able to select a phone number in a browser and then right click and have it automatically execute a <Option-Space> Call <command - v> <return>


Maybe I'm just dreaming of being too lazy, but I make 70-100 phone calls a day and figuring there must be an easier way.


bye the way I am not a programmer so any solutions need to be geared toward some with with decent tech skills, but not smart enough to have a programmers mind.

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One "minor" solution that doesn't solve all your problems, but makes it a little bit quicker:


PopClip is an app on the Mac that brings a handy toolbar to view whenever you highlight a piece of text. There's an Alfred add-on for pop clip that sends the text exactly to the Alfred bar. You still have to type in your command, but I guess that this makes it a "little" quicker?


Feel free to tell me if this still doesn't work, so I can get a better picture of your problem. 



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15 minutes with PopClick and I'm in love.  The alfred extension is great. 


PopClip isn't necessary for something like this. Alfred's workflows are setup so that they can be created by someone with no programming knowledge. By adding a hotkey to the Alfred workflow in question and configuring it correctly, you can select the text and simply press a hotkey to grab the text selection and send that directly to the desired workflow in Alfred. If you would like to set this functionality up, let me know and I would be happy to assist you,

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