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Take a screenshot and upload it to your FTP

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This is my first workflow and my first post on this forum.


What it does: press the hotkey (CMD+SHIFT+8 for fullscreen or CMD+SHIFT+9 for region capture) and the workflow will take and upload your screenshot to your FTP and give you back, in the clipboard, the link to it.


You'll have to edit workflow scripts to enter your FTP details.

The settings you need to change are these:


USER='ftp username'
PASSWD='ftp password'


Make sure that the URL variable has a trailing slash. You'll have to change these settings for both the full screen capture and the region capture.


Hope this is helpful.


To install with alfpt just use "alfpt install ftpscreenshot" or you can download it from here: http://d.pr/f/nhm2

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