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What's My IP Address?

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Just a quick bash workflow that might come in handy: the workflow queries "What's My IP Address?" in order to find your external IP and uses ifconfig to find your internal one(s). If you select one of them, then the IP address will be copied to your clipboard.


Find it on Packal.


And you can find one that was already there - http://packal.org/workflow/network-info


That one works for all interfaces including VPN tunnels.

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I think it means that I need to look through Packal before I start to write something. Ctwise's provides a bit more information. Mine picks up a few of the internal vmware IPs, but that's probably not too useful for most people.


Well, at least I didn't spend more than 20 minutes writing it.


I'll update the Packal page for my workflow and put a link to Ctwise's.

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:D We all know that writing our own Workflows is far better than using someone else's. NIH Syndrome is the natural state of any developer with no deadline.


Rest assured, if I need to know my machine's IP addresses, I'll be rolling my own, not using either of your workflows. Quality be damned, you probably use ugly icons or the wrong language or something  ;)

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I am using this workflow sometimes and recently discovered, that firing it will show the external IPv6.

But sometimes you want to know the external IPv4 of your network.

In case you want to switch "IP Address"  back to IPv4 you simply need to replace the URL used in the script to fetch the external IP

from icanhazip.com

to ipv4.icanhazip.com

To achieve this just open the workflow in Alfred, open the first step of the workflow "ip" (Script Filter) and there you find the URL in the second line.

Replace it and save the workflow. Now the workflow will display IPv4 of your local network.

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There is more than one way to find out your IP address, you can navigate to command prompt on your PC from start menu then type ipconfig and press enter. You'll see your local IP address listed right above the subnet mask.

Or simply you may find your public IP address through many online sites such as:

What's My IP Address Location - What Is My IP Address Location
What Is My IP Address? IP Address Tools and More 

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You can check your external IP address by opening your Web browser and direct to a website like http://whatismyip.network/. You can also write "IP address" in Google to see your IP address. IP address isn't mainly secret, and it's observable by any webpage or other online service you visit. . Still, your IP address isn't essentially publicly linked with you, and you might not need to share it too broadly for safety reasons.

In case someone asks for your IP address, you should ensure why they're asking and that you feel like telling them about it, just as you would not probably like to give your phone number, home address or email address to anyone who asks for it. By doing that you would be able to find out your IP address.

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